Sport Wagon - perfect beach cart.png

Go where you want,

take what you need.


Take the Spórt wagon across town or across the beach and arrive in style with the gear and accessories you need.

The Spórt provides an elegant, well-engineered solution for hauling your equipment to the beach or the park. Its flexible interface secures a variety of accessories designed to help organize and transport your gear and to make the time at your destination more enjoyable.

A rugged frame of high-strength, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy is fitted with clear side panels and floor panels machined from UV inhibited polymers making the Spórt both beautiful and durable.

Patents Pending

Please Read

The Spórt provides convenient seating for kids, but it does roll very easily on hard surfaces and should not be left unattended when children are onboard. We don't recommend transporting children in the Spórt when it's being towed by a bicycle or other vehicle.