At Spórt Creations we like to get outside and have always found it a challenge to haul all of our gear and our children to the beach. Over the years we have built several wagons for our personal use and some have worked well. But they never fully met our needs. We have watched our friends and neighbors continue to struggle with heave wagons with wheels that wouldn’t go across the sand or ones so awkwardly shaped that they couldn’t fit what was needed and decided we could provide a much better solution.

We started Spórt Creations in 2015 and are proud to build our products in Virginia Beach. Our owner/designer/janitor is a retired US Navy Pilot and has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. Our mission is to provide products that can be used every day, left outside in the elements and provide years of dependable service hauling your gear and making your limited recreational time more enjoyable

Our products are constructed from mostly US sourced material. The FTC precludes us from using the “Made in America” label as some items, such as our wheels, are made overseas. Our polyurethane foam tires are expensive to produce and we just couldn’t have put out a commercially viable product sourcing exclusively in the US and, frankly, the folks making the wheels and tires for us overseas are pretty awesome. We have also been fortunate in finding some excellent domestic suppliers and especially appreciate Cheryl at thyssenkrupp and Sheng at Argyle Industries (aluminum).

Thanks from the team at Spórt Creations. We hope our products help make your life just a little bit better. Please let us know if you have any problems (yeah, I said it) or suggestions that would help us refine our products.



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