The Tow Bar

The tow bar package consists of the tow bar and the post mount which can be attached to a bicycle seat post or to any generally vertical post on other tow vehicles.

The tow bar is attached to the handle by inserting  protrusions on the end of the tow bar into slots in the handle and then inserting a provided lynch pin. If the tow bar is used frequently, it can remain attached to the handle and secured in the stowed position when not in use by inserting the detent pin through the handle and the tow bar.

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Deploying the tow bar from the stowed position requires only removing the detent pin, rotating the tow bar into position and reinserting the detent pin. 

The tow bar can then be attached to the towing vehicle by pressing the button on the pin at the end of the tow bar, inserting the pin into the post mount and releasing the button. Once the button is released, the tow bar is locked to the post mount.

The pin is inserted into hole in a ball that is free to rotate, but held securely in position by the sides of the mount. This allows the assembly to be mounted on posts at varying degrees from vertical. It also allows the towing vehicle to tilt as a bicycle normally does when ridden or when resting on its kickstand.

The Seat Back


With the tailgate fully lowered, the rear deck of the wagon provides a convenient place to sit and the optional seat back can make it even more comfortable. The angle of the seat back can be adjusted by sliding the supporting tubes through the fittings at the connection points. When not in use, the seat back can be folded nearly flat. 

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The Divider


The divider can help organize and secure your gear. Placing a divider in the upper attachment points effectively extends the height of the side walls to support taller items. Alternately, one or multiple dividers can be inserted into holes in the forward and aft decks. The bases of the divider can be rotated 90 degrees when used in the decks to increase stability. Since they offer some inherent flexibility, the dividers don't have to be placed in holes directly across from each other and may be placed at an angle or used to clamp gear inside the wagon.