The Cart

Like no other beach cart, the Spórt is designed to be as striking as it is useful. We manufacture the cart and accessories using only premium materials. Marine grade aluminum tubing for the frame and suspension is extruded to our specifications and features gently rounded edges. Fasteners are all either high-strength aluminum or stainless steel. Polymer panels and connectors are made from material designed for outdoor use and marine environments. Decorative designs are machined into the panels to enhance the appearance and to reduce weight. Patterns cut in the floor panels allow sand and other debris to pass through and help keep the Spórt clean. After your day at the beach or park, your cart can be easily hosed out and left to air dry.

Spórt is the Irish word for fun.

Other convenient features include:

  • The movable tailgate allows flexible loading options.
  • Numerous holes and cleats are provided for attaching hooked straps and lines to secure the load when needed.
  • Pass throughs in forward panels  accommodate long items such as umbrellas.
  • The Teddy Step (named for one of our key prototype testers who was having trouble getting in the wagon with the gate up) is the recess at the bottom of the middle side panel.
  • The  small turn radius makes it easy to maneuver.
  • The handle will remain vertical when placed there and it can be easily removed if you need to load the cart into a vehicle.
  • The wheels extend only slightly past the sides of the wagon frame and it can fit easily through a standard door. 
  • The soft suspension allows some flex and provides a smoother ride.

The Spórt is designed to provide many years of dependable service, even when continuously left outdoors and exposed to the elements.

The movable tailgate enables flexible loading options and convenience at your destination. To release the tailgate from the upright stowed position, the tailgate is lifted up and slightly forward until the upper pins of the tailgate are free from the wagon frame corner connectors. The pins are held in position with a light compression fit and light force is required to break them loose. Once loose, the tailgate may be rotated down. If the lower tailgate pins are allowed to rest in the bottom of their respective slots as the tailgate is rotated down, the tailgate will rotate no further than a horizontal position. If the tailgate is lifted as it is rotated down, it can be rotated fully down until the tailgate rests on the rear wheels.

Maximum load on the tailgate in the horizontal position is 20 lbs.

When the tailgate is fully lowered, the aft deck of the cart may be used as a seat.

click image to play animation

click image to play animation

Accessories are attached to the Spórt by inserting the accessory into attachment points provided at forward and aft positions on the upper rail of the cart. Accessories will fit snugly into the attachment points, but some items, such as the table, should also be secured with locking pins. Those accessories requiring locking pins come with stainless steel pins attached by nylon covered stainless steel wire lanyards.