Spórt Wagon

Spórt Wagon


This is a vastly different product than the mass produced carts widely available and marketed as beach carts. Our Spórt Wagon is designed and carefully crafted in Virginia Beach to provide exceptional performance and years of dependable outdoor use.

The aluminum frame is light, strong and highly corrosion resistant. Floor and side panels are made from high-strength polymers infused with UV inhibitors to prevent degradation. Our wheels are sturdy, wide and have a large diameter allowing the wagon to ride on top of the sand and minimize pulling effort. Each wheel is fitted with 2 bearings to further minimize rolling resistance whether on the beach or when towed with your bicycle. Our soft suspension allows some flex and provides a comfortable ride for little passengers.

While the Spórt is optimized for the beach, it's also the best available all-around wagon for the neighborhood or park.

(Price shown above is for the Spórt Wagon only and does not include any accessories that may appear in the images.)

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