The Table

The table provides 4 square feet of surface area and, as with the panels on the wagon, a design is machined into the tabletop for aesthetics and weight reduction. When not in use, it folds flat against the outside of the wagon leaving all of the interior available for your gear. 

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Several features add to the convenience of the table.

  • Integrated cup holders with webbing to support containers allow the table to fold flat when stowed. The length of the webbing may be adjusted at the fitting provided between each pair of cup holders.

  • Recesses with slots cut through to the table edge may be used to hold trash bags or 5-gallon buckets and can also offer a stable rest for your wine glass.

  • Umbrellas may be securely supported in either of the two provided holes.

  • The handle is a convenient place to hang towels or other item.

  • Tools and knives may be placed in the slots along the back of the table.

Deploying the table couldn’t be easier. Simply lift the tabletop from the stowed position. As the tabletop is rotated past horizontal, the leg assembly falls into position. When lowered back to horizontal, the leg assembly locks out and the table is securely supported. That’s it, there’s nothing to lock or latch manually

Stowing the table is nearly as easy. Just lift the tabletop past horizontal, then gently push the upper legs inward as the table top is lowered. The leg assembly will fold underneath the table as the tabletop is lowered to the stowed position.



Surface Area             4.0 sq. feet

Tabletop Length         41.0 inches

Tabletop Width          19.6 inches

Deployed Height         26.8 inches

Umbrella Hole Dia.      1.5 inches

Weight                    7.2 lbs